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One of the aspects of self-moving which gives people the worst nightmares is the packing aspect of relocation. after all, it is not everyday that we pack and move and most people are completely clueless as to where to begin and end the packing of household goods. Each item in the house seems to be precious which need extra care and protection so that they do not get damaged during transit. Domestic packing is all about taking that extra precaution during the process which can ensure least damage, dent, scratch or scrape during your relocation journey. here are some useful tips on packing, which can make your self-move more peaceful and damage-free:

1) First, decide on the volume of goods to be packed. Get rid of all unnecessary junk that have been accumulated over the years. Then decide how many of the required items would be packed in moving boxed or they can be simply paper wrapped. Based on your decision, you have to make arrangements for purchasing packing materials. There are plenty of online packing supplies merchants who can ship the materials free of shipping charges. Of course, if your budget is low, you have to procure them from the local wine store or grocer.

2) Start packing taking one room at a time. Never start with all the rooms at the same time, as it would only lead to goods getting misplaced or lost. After you have completed packing the goods in the rooms, you can move to pack the goods of the hall and then finally the kitchen. If possible, go on marking the boxes with marker pens by names of the room or its occupants. Example: Bedroom 1 of 3 or John’s room etc.

3) Make sure that all fragile and delicate items are first wrapped with bubble wrap and legs of table etc are wrapped with stretch wraps. This would prevent breakage during travel. After the items have been inserted in the moving boxes, make sure that the boxes are safe and securely taped. Use the tape to wind round the box several times so that they do not give way under pressure. Mark boxes containing glass ware etc as fragile, this side up, etc.

4) The best packing method for items like refrigerator, washing machine, TV, computer etc is to pack them in their original boxes. Or else, you have to buy really sturdy boxes from the market. Remember to fill in all empty spaces within the boxes with packing paper so that the items do not sift around during transit in the moving truck.

5) Big items like sofas, cupboard and large furniture should be wrapped with packing paper and all corners can be protected with edge protectors easily available in any packing supply store.

6) The kitchen items must be separated from fragile to sturdier items. Fragile items need extra packing care and they should be wrapped with bubble wraps first and then put inside boxes. Larger items could be put in boxes wrapped in packing paper.

7) All important personal or household documents must not be put in moving boxes. Instead carry them on your person while relocating to another city. The same rule applies to expensive items like jewelry etc.
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